22 Jun 2018

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Ian Telfer (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 22 June 2018

Karoshi is the Japanese word for "death by overwork". The country is trying to address this phenomenon by introducing some labour laws. Meanwhile a 64 year-old man has been harshly dealt with for consistently going to lunch three minutes early. What the Panelists Alexia Russell and Ian Telfer want to talk about. Soprano the one year-old Doberman barks for hours on end when he's left at his Governors Bay home. It's driving the neighbours nuts, with some unable to get enough sleep. We ask Doggy Dan what's bugging Soprano and how to help him. Is a anti-bark collar the answer? Should a principal be on their own school board? Do volunteer Board members have the educational expertise to go-it-alone? The School Trustees Association says a principal reports to the Board but shouldn't be on it. But the Secondary Principals Association says ousting a principal from the school board would be a "folly". Melania Trump has descended on an illegal immigrants' detention camp in Texas. She's visited the children that her husband's government has seen separated from their parents. However the President of the USA Donald Trump has now signed an executive order reversing the separation process. Mrs Trump is being heralded as the voice who guided the President's hand.