19 Jun 2018

The Panel with Julia Hartley Moore and David Slack (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 19 June 2018

New research reports we waste more time when we have deadliens or appointments. The study seems to find the answer to "where did the time go?" Between five and 15 minutes seems to vanish from people's minds when they know they have a time limit to adhere to. We ask the panelists whether they have experienced this. What the Panelists Julia Hartley Moore and David Slack want to talk about. Many have been outraged by the advice police gave ot women to "stay safe" in the wake of the rape and murder of a woman in Melbourne. Police urged people to take responsibility for their dafety when walking alone. But social media users called the advice 'victim blaming'. We ask the panelists what they think. We continue with updates from the World Cup with RNZ's football expert Emile Donovan. Today we look at the political and social issues surrounding the cup, including security issues in Russia, players using offensive language, and dodgy tactics on field. Plus the latest results of the matches. The American administration is mounting a defence of its separation of illegally immigrating parents from their children. There has been outrage after Prince George was seen playing with a toy gun at an event. The four-year-old was spotted waving the pretend gun around at a charity polo match. The police-obsessed toddler also had a fake knife and handcuffs. The panelists give us their view of kids playing with toy weapons.