31 May 2018

The Panel with Clare Delore and Selwyn Manning (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 31 May 2018

An article from The Atlantic challenges the idea that TV peaked years ago before the internet, according to figures television viewing, in AMerica at least, didn't peak until 2009-2010, and growth occurred most in the 00s. In New Zealand we still watch 2.5 hours a day of regular TV and 18 hours a week watching online on sites like Netflix. We ask the panelists what their viewing habits are. What the Panelists Clare Delore and Selwyn Manning want to talk about. A Southland school is getting heat from parents for not allowing studnets to wear beanies on cold days. Temperatures have been below zero recently but the school prinicpal says a beanies are not part of the uniform so can't be worn. We speak to Central Southland College principal Grant Dick about the decision. Kiwiblog is complaining that the Birkenhead Primary School Newsletter is promoting the Labour campaign launch in Northcote: "Jacinda Ardern and Shanan Halbert will launch Labour's campaign. All local families are invited." An Auckland school has starting sharing photos of bad parking outside its gates in a newslatter and with police. Staff and parents take photos of the "parking wars" happening during drop off and pick up hours. We ask the panelists if this a little over the top, particularly in winter time.