31 May 2018

The Panel with Clare Delore and Selwyn Manning (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 31 May 2018

Auckland councillors have voted to bring in a 11.5 cent-a-litre fuel tax in the city. The tax will fund transport projects in the region. Councillors voted 13 to 7 in favour. The NZ Herald today reports on the family who found maggots in the wounds of their elderly father who was being cared for at the Pukekohe Palms Lifecare facility. The family received an apology but it's raised questions about the care received at rest homes. The panelists weigh in on where the failings are coming from. Justice Minister Andrew Little has reportedly confirmed the Government is planning to remove the three strikes law in the next few weeks and is looking into shorter sentences being served as home detention. He believes the current tough approach isn't working. We speak to David Garrett of the Sensible Sentencing Trust about the decision. We return to a discussion we had earlier in thre week about speeders being more likely to be middle-aged and driving Audis. Listener Caroline Rennie has sent in her experiences driving an SUV around Auckland - and why she seems to get much more hostile reactions from other motorists in that car compared to her small Voltswagen. Caroline and the panelists discuss whether we seem to instinctively judge people in certain cars.