30 May 2018

Meth contmainated houses report

From The Panel, 4:44 pm on 30 May 2018

In the fallout of the report by Sir Peter Gluckman on meth contaminated houses, many are calling for compensation.

Sir Gluckman found there's never been any evidence of illness from third-hand exposure to methamphetamine, which is a bit late for those who were evicted from houses over this issue.

We talk to Alastair Russell, from Auckland Action Against Poverty about the experiences some of these people had.

A close up photo of two hands with gloves on, swabbing within a 100 square centimetre stencil stuck to a wall. By swabbing within that area, testing companies get a sample that corresponds to Ministry of Health guidelines for meth.

Testing a house for meth contamination. Photo: Katy Gosset/RNZ