24 May 2018

The Panel with Nadine Higgins and Andrew Clay (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 24 May 2018

Listeners react to our discussion yesterday about the news the vote to legalise marijuana could be held next year. Some dispute Professor David Fergusson's opinion that cannabis is easy to obtain, with people pointing out that methamphetamine and synthetic cannabis is more prevalent than weed nowadays. We go through the responses with the panelists and get their view. Health advocates are calling for the Government to be more aggressive pushing alternatives to cigarettes if it wants to hit the 2025 smoke-free target. Advocates say e-cigarettes and vaping must be encouraged. One of the suggestions is to ban the sale of cigarettes. We ask the panelists what they think of the move. Following our discussion yesterday about electricity prices this winter, we get energy commentator Molly Melhuish back on the show to answer listener question on fixing the market. One proposes a regulatory group to cap the companies. Meanwhile Newshub is reporting the Government is set to pay millions of dollar in winter energy payments to highest-earning superannuitants. The panelists weigh in. We look at the new taxi service to rival Uber, Zoomy now has more than 80,000 app downloads and more than 2000 drivers, but can it become profitable? The numbers seem to suggest ride-sharers don't make money, Uber is popular but continues to have major losses. We ask the panelists what they use when they need a ride and we get expert analysis from Eric Crampton, Chief Economist at The New Zealand Initiative.