23 May 2018

The Panel with Martin Cocker and Michele A'Court (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 23 May 2018

New Zealanders may vote on whether to legalise cannabis in 2019. The government is considering holding the referendum next year rather than in 20/20 when the General Election will also be held. Details still need to be figured out over what question will be asked of New Zealanders. We hear from retired Professor David Fergusson about why he thinks legalised the sale of cannabis is a bad idea. A new survey has found many kiwis are turning heating off to save money on electricity during winter. Prices in the country are so high now, we're paying more than people in Norway, despite the avergae wage there being a third higher than ours. We get analysis from energy commentator Molly Melhuish. Act leader David Seymour has been accused of prejudice after warning residents in Epsom about future nieghbours with "mental health issues". He has refused to apologise, saying he was "telling it like it is," but the Mental Health Foundation says his comments reinforce negative stereotypes about people living with mental illness. The panelists give their view.