21 May 2018

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Stephen Franks (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 21 May 2018

Classical music may just soothe the savage beast.There are stories of classical music helping to break up street fights and repelling unsavoury types from parks and train stations. Would you choose this form of security for where you live? What the Panelists Alexia Russell and Stephen Franks want to talk about. Single-use plastic bags are now officially a thing of the past at Countdown supermarkets. Kiri Hannifin from the supermarket company explains how the change is working in practical terms and if they may start looking at other unnecessary plastics in their stores. A community in Santa Fe is the latest to be ripped apart by a shooting at a school. Teenagers are starting to think that these shootings are inevitable while the NRA blames drugs and pychological problems