4 May 2018

The Panel with Garry Moore and Miriama Aoake (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 4 May 2018

The Government announced today it has a $100 million plan to tackle homelessness in New Zealand. The plan consists of 1500 extra places for people to stay and supporting the services of Housing First. The panelists give their views on the initiative. Energy minister Megan Woods says the petrol market is not working for consumers, after meeting with BP executives over the company's pricing tactics. BP stands by its actions but the minister isn't satisfied. We ask economist Donal Curtin whether their tactics are unfair and whether a Commerce Commission investigation would achieve anything. We return to the question of low paid workers and ask what the knock-on effects are of increasing wages. We talk to Karen Guilliland, Chief Executive of the College of Midwives. She'll answer listener questions following the group's march yesterday, to deliver a petition to parliament. The panelists weigh in with their views. The animal welfare organisation SAFE is advertising for two roles, and has stipulated that the applicants will be vegans. We ask employment lawyer Gareth Abdinor if they can do that legally.