2 May 2018

The Panel with Jock Anderson, and Mai Chen (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 2 May 2018

Another futurist has predicted what common things will be extinct, including carparks, itunes and credit cards. We asks the panelists for their thoughts on this and about a new report that Singapore airport may use facial recognition to find late passengers. What the Panelists Jock Anderson and Mai Chen want to talk about. A construction company has been ordered to pay millions to fix a rotting secondary school in Auckland. The school claims roofs were badly built, parts of the buildings were rotting, and fungus was present. We talk to HOBANZ CEO Roger Levie about why leaky buildings are still being built and waht exactly causes the problem. We also ask him about the shortage of tradies around the country. Celebrity cook Annabel Langbein is in hotwater over a Mother's Day comptetion in the NZ Women's Weekly. The competition let's you enter into the draw if your mother's name is on a list, complied from the 1960s. Many have taken issue with the fact there is not one non-pakeha name, calling for a more diverse list. The panelists discuss