19 Apr 2018

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Mike Rehu (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 19 April 2018

As yet no airlines have introduced standing seats in planes. Wil people eventually get used to the idea and be ok with standing during a flight? What the Panelists Alexia Russell and Mike Rehu want to talk about. The IMF has called the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill discriminatory and the Real Estate Institute agrees saying there's no data to back up claims foreign buyers are snapping up all the nation's houses. In a world first study AUT's Michael Fletcher has found it's mothers who are financially worse off after a realtionship breaks up.Family law expert Kirsty Swadling explains why and what can be done to protect mothers financially. Mobile shops cruising the poorer areas of Auckland and Wellington are charging wildly inflated prices for food. We ask Countdown's Kiri Hannafin why don't they get their own mobile shops into these areas? Is the restricted driver's licence testing a rort? Nearly half of those sitting their restricted fail and have to re-sit.