19 Apr 2018

The Panel with Alexia Russell and Mike Rehu (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 19 April 2018

A Christchurch teenager is one of the first people to be charged under the Harmful Digital Communication laws.We ask Heather Henare of Skylight Counseling if punitive measures against young perpetrators is the answer to the problem. Communities in Colorado have filed a law suit against the oil companies Exxon and Suncor for knowingly fueling climate change. Russel Norman of Greenpeace talks about whether legal action will spread elsewhere and what part it plays in eliminating fossil fuel production. The so-called "super gonorrhea" sexually transmitted disease is now being seen in Australia. We talk to Christine Roke of Family Planning about the STD, if it's here yet and if there's enough publicity campaigns about sexual health in general in New Zealand.