16 Feb 2018

The Panel with Mark Knoff-Thomas and Stephanie Rodgers (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 16 February 2018

One of the pirates involved in the murder of Sir Peter Blake has been captured after 15 years on the run. He was arrested in Brazil during a routine stop. Sir Peter Blake was the world's most famous yachtsman at the time and his violent death by pirates on the Amazon was an international story. We ask the panelists if this latest arrest brings justice to his family and to the many kiwis affected by his death. America's latest school shooting has ignited the discussion about gun use and ownership however there are many facts that seem to circulating that are incorrect or at least, exaggerated. Overall there are still a high number of shootings throughout the country but there are suggestions that has declined over the years. There's a lot of debate around gun control, which has been raging for some 50 years. We ask International Law expert Al Gillespie why there is so much confusion and if gun violence is decreasing in the US. A family's day at Abel Tasman was interrupted by a drone, which followed the group as they walked along the beach. The Department of Conservation says concessions must be obtained when flying drones around national parks, and it's unlikely one would be granted for recreational use at Abel Tasman. We ask Steve Moore of the Civil Aviation Authority what the rules actually are and why they're so hard to enforce. Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has banned sexual relations between government ministers and staff, following his Deputy Prime Minister's affair with a staffer. Barnaby Joyce hopes to stay on as leader of his Australian Nationals party but is angry Mr Turnbull isn't supporting him, today saying his comments are "inept".The panelists weigh in on the scandal.