13 Feb 2018

The Panel with Jo McCarroll and Chris Wikaira (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 13 February 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita has caused devastation in Tonga, with no water and no electricity for many. Local and internationals aid agencies are assessing the damage and New Zealand has donated $750,000 to support relief efforts. Airports are closed and emergency services are struggling. Fiji is now preparing for the onslaught. Bill English has stepped down as leader of the National party and will be retiring from politics, after 27 years in parliament. The question now is who will succeed him - will the party aim to reinvigorate itself or choose a steady favourite? Former National Party president, and regular panelist, Michelle Boag joins the programme to discuss the party's next steps and what Mr English's legacy will be. We ask panelist Chris Wikaira what he thinks of a listener question about Te Reo Maori being spoken by non-Maori. The listener argues Maori tikanga belongs to Maori and that argument applies to all indigenious peoples. Seven Sharp presenter Jeremy Wells is still a spokesperson for Meridian Energy while other TV presenters have recently published opinion pieces in other media about the news of the day. Some argue that newsreaders should remain neutral so as not to appear biased. We ask the panelists whether they agree or think everyone is entitled to express their opinions. More discussion on the country's high road toll and what can be done about it. The AA blames our old cars and yesterday we talked to a researcher who discovered drivers are simply terrible at stopping. Today we go through some advce from listeners and see what the panelists think.