12 Feb 2018

The Panel with Tracey Bridges and Tim Watkin (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 12 February 2018

What tech is "missing" in our lives? Despite all the new gadget's available around the world, there's never been a time in history where new innovations haven't changed the way we live. We ask the panellists what they think needs to be invented or brought back, personally and professionally. What the Panelists Tracey Bridges and Tim Watkin want to talk about. There's been swift negative reaction to the news McDonald's is opening four more restaurants in Christchurch this year. While the stores will employ more than 150 people, there are "fast food intensification" concerns about the high concentrations of fast food outlets, particularly close to schools, when the country has such a high child obesity problem. Paediatric and Sport Dietitian Lea Stening tells us what the issues are. A new Sony kids movie, based on the popular book Peter Rabbit, is being boycotted by some parents around the world over a scene which they say shows bullying of someone with allergies. In the movie a character is allergic to blackberries and is pelted with them, choking on the ground until he can get his EpiPen injected. A petition has been started to ban the movie over the scene. We speak to Allergy NZ's chief executive Mark Dixon about the outrage, which he says is justified. Sir Bob Jones is udnerfire yet again for a column he wrote about Waitangi Day. He says the piece was satricial and fellow controversial columnist Mike Hosking has backed him. But a filmmaker that started a petition to have Sir Bob stripped of his knighthood, declaring the column racist, has now received more 40,000 signatures on her petition. We get the panellist's views on the matter.