7 Feb 2018

The Panel with Penny Ashton and Patrick Morgan (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 7 February 2018

Have you watched a film that changed your life? What the Panelists Penny Ashton and Patrick Morgan want to talk about. Kids are expected to carry around a lot of stuff to and from school. This is taking its toll on their backs. Do you believe the Science Editor of the Times of London when he reports this? The headline, "Socialists will probably always be uglier than Tories." A woman in New Hampshire, as you may have read, will collect a $710 million lotto jackpot if she is prepared to make her name public. She is refusing. This is a slightly complicated story because she could have kept her anonymity had she not signed the back of the ticket. It seem she could have quickly formed a trust to have her name stay secret.