24 Jan 2018

The Panel with Heather Roy and Andrew Clay (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 24 January 2018

We're talking kids on The Panel today. The panelists weigh in on a handful of the latest news in child-rearing and teen-controlling - how to stop them perstering you for treats, whether pocket money is a good thing or not, are smartphones making them depressed? And the high school principal who wants to ban relationships between his teenage pupils. What the Panelists Heather Roy and Andrew Clay want to talk about. There have been a series of outdoor antics this summer. In Wellington swimmers trying to overturn a pontoon with no regard to their safety; in Wanaka a famous tree is being hammered by selfie-loving tourists. Other stories are more serious, resulting in tragedy. So should there be more signs, more patrolling and more concern of people's safety around potentially dangerous outdoor activities or is this simply a case of natural selection. Triathlete and author Steve Gurney weighs in on the situation. Yesterday we discussed the road toll with particular focus on the motorbike statistics. They now account for more than 15 percent of road deaths in New Zealand. We've had lots of feedback on the issue, many riders blaming car drivers. Others suggest our road high toll is because drivers are distracted by smartphones. The panelists weigh in. An Auckland smoothie food truck has caused outrage after naming one of their chocolate smoothies "Ghetto Girl". In repsonse to the backlash, Blitzd has delted the instagram photos and issued an apology...is this publicity or ignorance? The panelists discuss.