23 Jan 2018

The Panel with Michele A'Court and Stephen Franks (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 23 January 2018

A new paper has collected accounts from witnesses in Australia of birds using fire to hunt prey. It's the first recorded phenomneon of non-humans using fire this way, but has been lore among Aboriginal people for decades. Author and ornithologist Bob Gosford joins us form Australia to discuss how the birds use fire and what this means for our understanding of the animals' intelligence. What the Panelists Stephen Franks and Michele A'Court want to talk about. The Police Association says there's a link between cuts to police funding over the years and the rise in the country's road toll. Nearly 100 dedicated police roles have been done away with in five years, as the roadtoll has soared by 50 percent. There are still more than 100 policing vacancies. We look at how the two are related and what this means for the government's plan to boost police numbers. Actor and regular panelist Peter Elliott joins the programme to discuss his latest venture ont he roads - riding his motorcycle across the country. An Australian woman is calling for more warnings signs at the dangrous but popular tourist spot, MacKenzie Falls in Victoria, after a man drowned while she was there. She wasn't able to call for help as there is no phone reception there and she believes the dangers need to be better pointed out, especially for foreign tourists. The panelists discuss what they expect when they're out and about in the great outdoors.