23 Jan 2018

The Panel with Michele A'Court and Stephen Franks (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 23 January 2018

Locals of several popualr tourists destinations around the country are upset at the mess being left by freedom campers. Toilet paper and other waste are being left by those who don't have self-contained cmapervans or motor homes and locals are demanding councils to more to stop it or, at least, police the camping sites better. Bruce Lochere, CEO of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Assocaition, discusses the problem with the panelists. A traveller to a Rotorua motel is outraged after finding the place in a disgusting state. She asked for a refund for the $200 a night fee but was turned down by the owner. Reviews of the accomodation online also paint a very unclean picture. Consumer NZ's head of reasearch Jessica Wilson joins the programme to tells us what customers can expect in this situation and what they can do if they feel they've been let down. It's been two years since Duane Major began his crowdfunding campaign to get Awaroa beach back into the hands of New Zealanders. Panelist Stephen Franks has a house at the beach and tells us more about whether there has been an upswing in kiwi visitors since it became "publicly" owned. Amazon has opened a supermarket in Seattle with no checkouts. Customers scan an app on their phones as they walk in and shop as they like. Camers and sensors track the items they buy, all in the name of making things faster, easier and more convenient. We ask the panelists if they're ready for teh future or if these digital advances are worrying.