15 Dec 2017

The Panel with Emma Espiner and Jonathan Krebs (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 15 December 2017

New reasearch studying supercentarians, those who sidestep disability and disease and live to more than 110 do so by eating well and getting plenty of excercise but the belief that the older you get, the sickeryou get is a myth. By looking at what ailed you ancestors, you can attempt to head off specific illness. The panellists giev their views on living well and living long. What the panellists Emma Espiner and Jonathan Krebs want to talk about. Toni Street and Mike Hosking announced yesterday that they are leaving their primetime TV 1 show Seven Sharp. The news has come as a surprise to viewers, and now debate turns to who will replace the pair. The panellists weigh in on whether TV has lost it's shine for broadcasters now with waning viewship. Christmas can be a hard time for struggling families and with the Government's families package not set to kick in until mid-next year, many are having difficulty putting food on the table this holiday season. In Australia, a new study has found that the rising cost of living has put a dampener on Christmas for many. We talk to Wellington City Missioner Rev Tric Malcolm about how they're coping this year and whether they have seen a rise in need for the mission's services.