14 Dec 2017

The Panel with Guy Williams and Niki Bezzant (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 14 December 2017

The woman who sang the song "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", Gayla Peevey has seen the arrival of Francesca the pygmy hippo at her local zoo - just in time for Christmas. We ask the panellists what their fantasy gift would be if money was no obstacle. What the panellists Guy Williams and Niki Bezzant want to talk about. In the debate over where to site the 36th America's Cup, Wynyard Basin has won out over the Wynyard point plan. Auckland councillors voted in favour of the option today, which will now begin the negotiations between Team New Zealand and the Government - but the decision isn't binding. We check in with RNZ's Auckland reporter Todd Niall about the discussions. Queenstown Lakes District Council has begun chlorinating the water in the region in reponse to the Havelock North contamination report. But the move has received criticism from Sustainable Glenorchy, who says it's "overkill". We ask the panellists if they're in favour of this action to clean up the water supply. Yesterday we discussed the State Services Commissioner, Peter Hughes, cracking down on Crown entity boards hiking the salaries of their bosses. Today we go through the responses from our listeners, and the panellists weigh in with their opinions. 'Tgoma' is this year's hot Chritsmas trend. It stands for 'take games outside and make them active'. It aims to get children outside in nature, but connecting their outside fun to their inside fun, like a new trampoline that shows on your ipad how high you've jumped. Exaserbating the problem or a good solution? The panellists decide.