14 Dec 2017

The Panel with Guy Williams and Niki Bezzant (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 14 December 2017

The government has today delivered its first update of the state of its books. Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the budget shows the government should be able to make good on its election promises. It plans to cut down on surplus and pay debt down more slowly to fund all of its policies. It also revealed its families income package. Economic commentator Bernard Hickey gives his first impressions of the mini-budget. Auckland mayor Phil Goff wants a new national stadium and he's hoping to get the government onboard to build it on Auckland's waterfront. With all the back and forth over the America's Cup options, we ask the panellists whether this could be done and whether New Zealand's needs another drawcard. An Auckland company has taken matters into its own hands, clamping the cars of people going into the neighbouring Chinese Embassy to obtain visas. The business says their parks are routinely used by people other than it's customers and so has employed the services of a clamping company. The panellists give their views on whether the Embassy should respond to the demand better. Another famous athlete has failed a drugs test. Cyclist Chris Froome could eb stripped of his Vuelta title after testing positive for excess levels of the asthma medication, Salbutamol. Chris Froome is fighting back saying he takes the medicine legitimately. The panellists debate whether the focus on drugs in sport will continue. A bill to allow terminally ill New Zealanders to choose euthanasia has passed its first reading by a big margin. MP's say further support will depend on public submissions during the select committee process. The panellists tell us how they would like to see this proceed and whether a referendum on the matter is a good choice.