5 Dec 2017

The long and growing list of celebrity men accused of sexual crime

From The Panel, 4:53 pm on 5 December 2017
Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Photo: AFP

The final series of House Of Cards will not feature Kevin Spacey. Geoffrey Rush posters are being defaced in Melbourne but he'll still continue on stage with his behaviour monitored.

TV gardening host Don Burke may cost Channel 9 in Australia millions of dollars because it's claimed his inappropriate behaviour to colleagues was an open secret; a version of this could now happen to many employers, presumably.

"A Prairie Home Companion" will have a name change. It'll be called Town Hall in the wake of the allegation against Garrison Keillor.

Former Today host Matt Lauer may lose his farm in New Zealand because of his possible unsuitability now.

Harvey Weinstein, the comedian Louis C.K., the CBS host Charlie Rose, the political journalist Mark Halperin, assorted British politicians and more have all been publicly shamed for their alleged sexual assaults.

The Panel discusses the shift towards shining a light on sexual harassment from those in a position of power.