27 Nov 2017

The Panel with Michael Moynahan and Paula Penfold (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 27 November 2017

So are trains the way to go? Can the Labour-led government follow through with Pike River promises? We ask political commentator Richard Harman. Auckland's mayor Phil Goff says the city can't afford the fee to host the America's Cup in 2021. The UK Labour Party wants to see middle-class workers work for longer than manual workers. "Study warns hi-vis gear may increase injury risk" is the headline in the Sunday Times. In the UK the transport minister is re-assessing whether cyclists need helmets or hi-vis clothing. There are complaints galore about reality TV dating show Naked Attraction. Is it stripping the contestants down to their honest selves or just a perve-fest for viewers?