9 Nov 2017

The Panel with Josie Pagani and Peter Elliott (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 9 November 2017

Are millennials bring the watch back? Despite beling able to access the time and date for every country with a swipe of their smartphone, young people are going back to wearing watches. Whether for fashion or investment, timepieces are seeing a bomb. We check the panelists wrists to see if they're carrying. A teacher has been found guilty of misconduct after carrying a struggling child to the school principal's office. While the tribunal noted the chil had behavioual problems and the teacher was in a difficult, the decision is clear - physical force is unacceptable. The panelists weigh in. The world's most famous physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that the Earth will explode in a ball of fire within 600 years - the problem? Over-population. We ask demographer and Waikato University professor Natalie Jackson whether this dire prediction has some truth or whether it's all fear-mongering.