2 Nov 2017

The Panel with Michele A'Court and Rob Hosking (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 2 November 2017

A new study has found people prefer to take na "ignorance is bliss" attitude to shopping, not investigating whether their purchases are made ethically. Bargain's trump questionable manfacturing, though many are concerned about sweatshop contions. We ask the panellists whether they do research before spending. What the Panellists Michele A'Court and Rob Hosking want to talk about. Wicked campervans, previously in the spotlight for its lewd and misogynistic messages, is now under fire again. On its website it compares the New Zealand government to crack addicts and Nazi's in a message telling tourists to check where they can camp. Dunedin City Councillor Kate Wilson has lodged a complaint with the commerce commission over the language. She joins the panel to discuss if the company really be brought into line or if it free to make comments, however offensive, as it pleases. Detergent and cooking oil has been used by whitebaiters to improve water clarity in Canterbury, shocking environment groups. The whitebaiters could face enforcement action for what could be very harmful to marine life. Dr Tim Davie from Environment Canterbury tells us what this could be doing to the rivers and why the fishermen seem to oblivious to the problem they're causing. A Hamilton Boys' High student has been injured after a group of teenage girl rode through the school topless on motorbikes. The girls, from Waikato Dio, were taking part in an end-of-year prank that went wrong when one of the boys had his leg run over. Police and the school are investigating. We ask the panellists if school pranks are getting out of hand. The new Wellington monopoly has been released today, featuirng landmarks like the Beehive, Lampton Quay and Te Papa but there's been outrage over the places that were ignored. The panellists weigh in about the decision and if Monopoly has lost sight of its own game.