1 Nov 2017

The Panel with David Cormack and Diane Robertson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 1 November 2017

Two sailors, lost at sea for nearly six months, have been rescued by the US Navy. Their tale of storms, sharks and starvation has captured the public's attention, not least because officials have begun to poke holes in the incredible story. We see if the panellists believe the survival story, and speak to ICA New Zealand director Nigel Richards about how people can get help on the sea. What the Panellists David Cormack and Dame Diane Robertson want to talk about. Different species of dolphins in New Zealand waters, the false killer whales and bottlenosed, have been captured not only hunting together but also socialising, travelling and resting with each other. The discovery was made during filming for Blue Planet II, with the help of a kiwi marine biologist. Elizabeth Slooten, Senior Lecturer Department of Zoology, University of Otago, tells us why this is exciting experts. Britian's government will shortly introduce new anti-harassment rules after a string allegations from Westminster staff. The new rules could see ministers sacked for any behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable. The allegations could have serious consequences for Theresa May's already under fire government. The panellists discuss the issue. A British broadcaster's comments about women have caused outrage. Anne Robinson called modern women "fragile" for bring 'unable to deal' with workplace sexual harassment. The former Weakest Link host has been labelled a dinosaur for her views, we ask our panellists their opinion on the comments.