1 Nov 2017

The Panel with David Cormack and Diane Robertson (Part 1)

From The Panel, 4:03 pm on 1 November 2017

A deadly terror attack on the streets of lower Manhattan has killed at least 8 people and injured more. The suspect, an immigrant who came to the States in 2010, mowed down people on a cycle path with a truck. He was shot by police at the scene and is recovering in hospital. It's believed the attack was inspired by Islamic State. The Prime minister's announcement that foreign buyers will be not be able to buy houses here has sparked debate not only over whether it will damage our trade deals overseas and whether it will even help stem the flow of foreign ownership. Auckland University law professor Dr Jane Kelsey tells us if foreigners will be able to get around the new rules as easily as before. The new justice minister Andrew Little has revealed the controversial three strikes law will be scrapped. He says there's been no decline in serious crimes under the law and it hasn't acted as a deterrent but supporters of it say it is working to keep seriosu offenders in prison. Garth McVicar of the Sensible Sentencing Trust comments on the decision.