9 Aug 2017

The Panel with Catherine Robertson and Tim Watkin (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 9 August 2017

Tributes flow today for Glen Campbell who has died aged 81 after a battle with Alzheimer's. What panellists Catherine Robertson and Tim Watkin want to talk about. There's no move to change the uplifting children's policy in light of footage showing a five year being taken by police from her mother's home. Employment lawyer Kathryn Dalziel talks about the balance of freedom of speech and a company protecting its reputation after Google sacked a worker for making misogynist statements. Jules Older lives in the San Francisco gated community where an outsider has bought all the public roads in it and plans to charge residents. Legal costs mount in the Hutt City Council stoush over food availability at meetings. Vegan cafe in Melbourne introduces a man tax.