28 Apr 2017

The Panel with Lisa Scott and David Cormack (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 28 April 2017

One in four NZers lives alone and more people than ever before in the western world are single. Social scientist Bella DePaulo of the University of California says the rise of single living is a boon to our cities and towns and communities, our relatives and friends and neighbours. Has anyone noticed that other drivers are now going more slowly, everywhere? Lisa Scott and David Cormack talk about rugby and immigration. Grey is the new white when it comes to car colour. Why the new obsession with this shade? In Christchurch's Fendalton, residents are frustrated that the City Council can't stop Bell, Lamb & Trotter Funeral Directors from running services for the deceased from a house. The Pope has spoken in praise of humility in his first-ever TED talk.