30 Jan 2017

The Panel with Ali Jones and Selwyn Manning (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 30 January 2017

Speaking to loved ones in the after life in a phone box has become a source of comfort for Japanese families mourning the loved ones they lost in the 2011 tsunami. What panelists Ali Jones and Selwyn Manning have been up to. Vince Osborne's family planted the hedge on their Waikanae property in the 1930s and the family is now fighting to stop it being cut back. Vince joins the the panel to talk about the complaints which have been made to the council. Peter Lineham, who's associate professor of history specialising in religion looks at the latest stand off between a Christian musical festival and a gay friendly stall at the event being told that it was not welcome if it advertised it was talking about homosexuality. There's a question mark over whether or not city anniversary day holidays are still relevant. The panel discusses whether or not they have lost their significance and should be replaced with a day off during the winter months instead.