27 Nov 2015

The Panel with Dita de Boni and Lynda Hallinan(Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:06 pm on 27 November 2015

What the Panelists Dita de Boni and Lynda Hallinan. Professor Sharon Harvey talks about the need for te reo Maori and if there are other languages it would be more useful for us to learn. David Farrar discusses iPredict and how much weight there is in MP Simon Bridges' claims the site is a money laundering risk. Is it ok for for local body politicians to swear in council meetings? The women who went wild in the loo at an Australian pub, trashing the place. A story we had hitherto ignored. Even though the video went viral. And Wellington City Council wants feedback on extending smoking bans to include parks, libraries and swimming pools.