20 Nov 2014

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Peter Elliot (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:34 pm on 20 November 2014

Topics - Bob Marley's family are teaming up, it's called in media releases, signing a deal would be another way of putting it, with a private equity firm to launch Marley Natural marijuana; Bob will be the face of the world's first international cannabis brand. . Low-paid workers at a petrol station convenience store have been docked hundreds of dollars after customers fled without paying. "It happened on your shift, so it's your fault . " Masterton Night 'n Day franchisee Nick Lucas defended the "drive-offs" policy as standard industry practice. "When an employee makes a mistake, there are repercussions." In the latest development today in the Roger Sutton saga, actress Robyn Malcolm has come to his defence. She says on Twitter regarding the complainant in the case "She is protected by anonymity. He isn't. That's why people who do know Roger are compelled to offer support as they feel it."