17 Nov 2014

The Panel with Deborah Hill-Cone and Gary McCormick (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:33 pm on 17 November 2014

Topics - there's a fascinating GIF file you can look at in the Atlantic Monthly online showing the popularity of female baby names in America, and it's the American trends we follow now. This graphic looks at a map of the U.S., state by state, and it shows how names spread. Mary was hugely dominant in the early 1960s. Then Lisa took over, with Michelle also prominent. Jennifer had an enormous run of ascendancy till the late 1970s. Two installations have occasioned much comment online. The Tate Modern Gallery has spent £30,000 on a pyramid of 6,000 oranges which media have worked out cost £5 each. Visitors will be encouraged to eat them. Pyramid of Oranges by Roelof Louw". Designed to raise questions about the passage of time and decay. The plebs and cynics have costed an orange in London at 8p. The Christchurch City Council has refunded a student's parking fine. Nic Lawrence had parked his car the wrong way on a suburban street while moving house on a Sunday morning. A parking warden gave Nic a $40 ticket on Kirkwood Ave, in Ilam.