10 Nov 2014

The Panel with James Munro and Josie Pagani (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:36 pm on 10 November 2014

Topics - Living in cities makes you look older: urban air makeS you age 10 per cent faster than in the country. admittedly this research from China. It's not lifestyle, it's the more than 200 pollutants in city air, damaging keratins, proteins in our skin. They stop moisture loss. TV producers are starting to annoy All Blacks coach Steve Hansen, but is he living in the 1990s? All Blacks coach Steve Hansen, after that fine and confident display of refereeeing in the game against England, said 'TV producers starting to annoy me'. Russia provided the missile launcher that hit MH17. There is possibly nothing in this latest report we didn't know or surmise, it's the conclusion of the long, crowd-sourced investigation into the tragedy above Ukraine. However the investigators could not say who 'pushed the button' to launch the missile. Last week we also reported the view of police at Wingatui, worries about women who were drunk. This was on the same day as the Melbourne Cup and our own Zara Potts has returned from there saying drunkenness abounded too.