9 Oct 2014

The Panel with Gary McCormick and Ella Henry (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:34 pm on 9 October 2014

Topics - lightning strruck a 48 year old American stockbroker called Michael Utley, when he was playing golf. Now all this happened in 2000, and over the years since, Michael Utley's recovery has given doctors and scientists a chance to study what happens to the body and mind when hit by a lightning bolt. Associate Professor Ekant Veer of the University of Canterbury returned his lecturer of the year award ..an award given by students in a stand against racism on campus. This came about as a result of the Engineering students' annual RoUndie Event, where participants were encouraged to to decorate their cars and dress up in costumes and they the instruction to them was "the more inappropriate the better." In the US a court is to decide if chimpanzees get legal rights - should human rights be extended to animals. A new report out from the OECD puts the South Island ahead of the North Island in well-being measurements.