3 Sep 2014

The Panel with Dita de Boni and John Bishop (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:34 pm on 3 September 2014

Topics - new research from the University of California... younger blood can reverse many of the effects of ageing. The police have had this tech for a while, but 13 new cars that can detect stolen vehicles are being added to their fleet. The cars use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. Cameras mounted on their roofs scan the number plates of passing vehicles and transmit the details to a computer. The system runs the details against a police database. Queenstown policewoman Jeanette McNee has been found guilty of using offensive language against taxi driver Ganesh Paramanathan. 50 women called Kate have been the first to vote in the election, along with David Cunliffe and Kim Dot Com.