21 Aug 2014

The Panel with Chris Trotter and Sam Johnson (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:34 pm on 21 August 2014

Topics - at the Harvard Medical School it has been discovered why you tend to stay awake at night when you're older. You lose the switch in your brain that enables you to nod off. James Foley, the evidently decent, courageous and committed photojournalist beheaded by an Islamic State militant as a "message" to America. the British Prime Minister's come out and said his executioner was probably from the UK. The Prime Minister's calling the Greens economic data 'drug-induced'. "Russel Norman's having a drug-induced dream, if he thinks the Greens can save more than a National government, with all their spending promises." The Greens have data showing they could run much larger surpluses than National, pay down debt faster, and invest more in key areas.