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The Golden Tide

A fresh look at the changing nature of the Chinese community in New Zealand.

This five-part documentary series takes a fresh, contemporary look at the changing nature of the Chinese community in New Zealand. Exploring diverse stories and perspectives from past to present, themes include:

The Golden Tide interweaves interview material with poetry, short stories and scripted scenes to create a rich, textured documentary, with original composition by musician Riki Gooch (Fat Freddy’s Drop, Trinity Roots), and film and theatre composer, Stephen Gallagher.

These stories are for those who call New Zealand home and for the people who may still question where home is…

"I have been truly inspired by the people I met on this journey. For me, as a second-generation Chinese New Zealander it brought things closer to home - real people and real stories that come from multiple and contrasting perspectives. I interviewed more than 20 participants whose stories at times are unexpected and unsettling, funny and enlightening, but more importantly, reveal the diverse voices and experiences of one of New Zealand's long established communities. My aim for The Golden Tide is to push boundaries - culturally and creatively, to move beyond stereotypes and ultimately share this vision with a broad New Zealand audience...” - Sonia Sly

The Golden Tide was produced by Sonia (Yee) Sly for RNZ National.

Special thanks to: The Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust, all the participants who gave their time so generously, Riki Gooch, Stephen Gallagher, Darren & Jason Pat, Esther & David Fung, Peter Kohing, George & Shirley Sue, Charles Mabbett, Jason McClelland, Matt Thompson, Phil Brownlee, Helena Nimmo, and my mentors; Jack Perkins and Phil Smith.