21 Jan 2024

Naomi Alderman, author of The Power, on gripping new thriller

From The Weekend , 8:13 am on 21 January 2024

Naomi Alderman on gripping new thriller The Future

Naomi Alderman is a British author whose fourth novel The Power was a New York Times best seller. Made into a Netflix series released last year, Alderman's science-fiction thriller tells the story of teenage girls who develop the ability to release electrical jolts from their fingers which allows them to become the dominant sex.

Alderman's latest novel is page-turner The Future, published in 2023. Like much if her work, it is thought provoking, dystopian in nature and lofty in its ambition to critique the modern world.  With cutting wit, it depicts a future where narcissistic billionaires live separate lives from the rest of us by hiding away in lavish secret bunkers.  

Alderman is a provocative writer unafraid to tackle hefty subjects - including big technology, religion and the climate crisis. She has been described as Margaret Atwood's protégée and in addition to her writing, has created video games including fitness app Zombies, Run! which has been downloaded millions of times. Naomi Alderman joins Susana Lei'ataua on The Weekend to speak about her career, the art of writing and her influences. 

Photo: HarperCollins