7 Jan 2024

Performance coach Owen Eastwood: Start the year with intent

From The Weekend , 8:12 am on 7 January 2024

Owen Eastwood is a high performance coach best known for his work with professional sports teams including the England Football team, and GB Olympics squad. But he's not limited to sports, he's also coached NATO chiefs of staff, film studios and silicon valley companies. Most recently his focus has been golf, and the european Ryder Cup squad, and it clearly worked - in October they beat out team USA to take home the trophy.

His philosophy, influenced by his Ngāi Tahu roots focuses on the importance of whakapapa and a creating a sense of belonging. He leans heavily on storytelling to encourage athletes and teams to see themselves as part of something bigger.

Owen joins Susana Lei'ataua from his home in the Cotswalds.

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Photo: Beck Diefenbach