‘Love’s always fun to write about’

From The Weekend, 11:45 am on 8 January 2017

On The Weekend we love profiling young, talented people.

Daisy van Wel, 14, is a high school student with a beautiful voice and a talent for performance that has led to her being featured in musical theatre productions.

Musical talent runs in the Van Wel family, her sister Clara won New Zealand’s Got Talent in 2012.

Over the last couple of years Daisy has become dedicated to creating her own music after she picked up the guitar at the age of 11.

“For a while I couldn’t write about love … and then over the past year all the love songs have just been gushing out, she says.

“Love’s always fun to write about.”

Daisy studies music at her school, Wellington Girls’ College, and has performed live at school assemblies.

Her sister Clara is a big influence on her, but she also rates Passenger, Tom Odell and Tracy Chapman.

Songs performed:

Artist: Daisy van Wel
Track:  I Wonder (RNZ National Session)
Composer: Daisy van Wel

Artist: Daisy van Wel
Track: Behind (RNZ National Session)
Composer: Daisy van Wel