08:12 Prof Damon Salesa: Centring the Indigenous Pacific

Damon Salesa & Susana Lea'ataua in the RNZ Studio.

Damon Salesa & Susana Lea'ataua in the RNZ Studio. Photo: Nicky Jonas

Toeolesulusulu Professor Damon Salesa is an interdisciplinary scholar focused on Oceania. He's the Vice Chancellor of Auckland University of Technology and his academic career spans academic positions in New Zealand and the US having begun his academic studies at the University of Auckland and then as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in UK.

His latest book 'An Indigenous Ocean' is a series of essays published by Bridget Williams Books which invites readers to see the Pacific differently on a range of different encounters with its own past.

Damon Salesa and the cover of his book "An Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays".

Damon Salesa and the cover of his book "An Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays". Photo: Rebecca McMillan Photography


08:35 Cathy Goldstein: The truth about sleep wearables

Dr. Cathy Goldstein is a professor of neurology at the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Centre. She studies sleep monitors, including their capabilities and limitations, and says many collect inaccurate data that contradicts advice from doctors. In fact, studies show overuse of wearable devices used during exercise can increase health anxiety. Dr. Goldstein joins Susana Lei'ataua to discuss whether there are any advantages to data collected by sleep trackers - or whether it's all useless. 

High angle view of woman sleeping in bed. (Photo by Eric Audras / Photononstop / Photononstop via AFP)



09:08 Naomi Arnold: Phoning in from Te Araroa trail - week 2

We check in with Nelson journalist and author Naomi Arnold who set off two weeks ago to walk Te Araroa Trail. The 3000 km trail runs the length of New Zealand from Bluff up to Cape Reinga.
On The Weekend we have been following her on her journey when Naomi phones Susana with updates on everything she is experiencing along the way.

Find week one's phone call here for the first leg of the walk.

Journalist and author Naomi Arnold standing in front of the signposts at Bluff, the start of Te Araroa trail

Journalist and author Naomi Arnold on Te Araroa trail Photo: Supplied

9:05 Film critic Dom Corry: Poor Things, Godzilla Minus One and Saltburn

Dom is a TV and Film critic and an editor at Letterboxd, an online platform for movie reviews and recommendations. 

He joins us to talk: Poor Things, Godzilla Minus One, Saltburn, and more.

A montage of film posters for: Saltburn. Godzilla Minus One, For All Mankind, The Sopranos, Wilderness, Poor Things.

Dom Corry's film and tv picks for The Weekend Photo: Supplied


9:40 Quiz master Jack Waley-Cohen is back with more fiendish puzzles

Quiz master Jack Waley-Cohen joins us again, live from London, to bring you his fiendish puzzles this Sunday morning. 

Jack is the mind behind the questions on BBC's infamous quiz show 'Only Connect', known for being both really hard - and at the same time totally obvious. 

We got hundreds of texts responding to Jack's questions last week, so why not have a go? 

Quiz master Jack Waley Cohen

Quiz master Jack Waley Cohen Photo: Supplied


10:05 Sunday History Hit with Thomas Rillstone

Thomas Rillstone, host of the award winning History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast, joins Susana Lei'ataua for the first in a three part series of 'Sunday History Hits'. Across the three instalments we're going to delve into some of Aotearoa's quirky, eccentric and less well known characters. 

Today Thomas looks at the wild life of pre-colonial British trader Barnet Barns. His story involves a heady mix of business, love, kidnap and war.

A drawing of Barnet Burns, with his full face Moko.

A drawing of Barnet Burns, with his full face Moko. Photo: Supplied


10:35 Lou Heller: The summer 2024 trends and why they don't matter

Lou Heller, is a professional Christchurch based stylist. She teaches clients how embrace their inner-selves, and radiate confidence through fashion.

She joins Susana Lei'ataua to talk us through this summers trends, where they come from, and why they might not be worth paying all that much attention to anyway... 

Stylist Lou Heller sits on stairs

Stylist Lou Heller Photo: Supplied


11:05 Ngahiwi Apanui-Barr: Discovering identity through reggae

Ngahiwi Apanui-Barr, is one of the artists who laid the foundations of New Zealand reggae. His band Aotearoa regularly toured the country throughout the 80s and 90s.

They were highly political, and played an important role encouraging people to embrace Te Reo and Maori culture at a time that wasn't as prevalent as it is today. This is work Ngahiwi continues to this day in his role as the Chief Executive of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori, the Maori language commission.

He joins Susana Lei'ataua to reflect on the band, tour life and our love of reggae. Plus he's bought some great tunes...

Ngahiwi Apanui's playlist for The Weekend:

04072016 Photo: Rebekah Parsons-King. Maori language week kicks off with a parade from Wellington Train Station to Te Papa. 4000+ people paraded through wellington to promote Te Reo. Ngahiwi Apanui, Chief Executive, Maori Language Commission.

Ngahiwi Apanui Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King


11:35 Scott Parry & Mig Rumney answer your fishing questions

Scott Parry & Mig Rumney are the hosts of TVNZ's "Fishing & Adventure". The cousins, who are currently filming season 12 of the popular show, join Susana to answer some of your fishing questions,

Fishing and Adventure presenters - and cousins - Michael (Mig) Rumney (L) and Scott Parry.

Fishing and Adventure presenters - and cousins - Michael (Mig) Rumney (L) and Scott Parry. Photo: Supplied.