Hosts Max Towle, Perlina Lau and Evie Ashton on a colourful background, text reads "The Weekend with Max Towle, Perlina Lau and Evie Ashton" and there is an RNZ logo in the corner

Photo: RNZ / Jeff McEwan and Krista Barnaby


08:12 Jane Paterson: Chris Hipkins and the Labour Caucus

Chris Hipkins speaks to media after being confirmed the sole contender for the Labour Party leadership.

Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

RNZ's political editor Jane Paterson updates us on the latest developments following Chris Hipkins being the sole nomination for leader of the Labour Party making him Prime Minister in waiting.

8:30 Jean Beaumont: Pushing Yourself to the Limit

Revenant competitors on Blackmore Station


It's one of the most gruelling races on the planet - in fact it's so tough only four people have ever finished it.

Held on the beautiful Blackmore Station in Southland, The Revenant is a 200 kilometre race which takes in over 16,000 metres of vertical ascent and tricky terrain.

It finished up yesterday

Jean Beaumont has participated in every race since the event started 5 years ago and holds the record for the longest distance covered

8:40 Julia Damrow: Kiwiburn

Giant Weta at Kiwiburn 2017

Giant Weta at Kiwiburn 2017 Photo: Peter Jennings

Kiwiburn: the homegrown alternative festival

Next week (Jan 25) marks the start of the Kiwiburn Festival - the locally grown answer to the US Burning Man Festival held annually in the Nevada Desert.

In keeping with the spirit of the US event, Kiwiburn fouses on art, music, dance, self-expression and self-suffiency.

Organiser Julia Damrow tells Evie what makes this festival different from other more mainstream events.


9:05 Sonia Barrish: Childern and the Great Outdoors

Sonia Barrish with her two children in a tent

Sonia Barrish with children Jordan and Bethany Photo: Shoshannah NZ Photography

Exploring the wild corners of the country with toddlers in tow

Many of us like to head into the bush to unwind, "get away from it all" and connect with nature, but with the pressures of modern life we might not head out as often as we want.

And when you throw young children into the mix...forget it!

But does it have to be that way?

Sonia Barrish and husband Menzo have steadfastly continued their exploration of the great outdoors with two young children in tow.

She talks to Evie about how they make it work

9:30 Megan Folwell: Snake Anatomy

PhD researcher Megan Folwell holds a sea snake in a laboratory

A recent study found that female snakes have a pair of clitorises, which was previously unproven Photo: Megan Folwell

A PhD researcher in Australia is behind the research - other people have looked before with no success

Megan Folwell is with the University of Adelaide, show joins us to explain why it has taken so long to make this discovery and what it tells us about these reptiles

10:05 Steven Dromgool: How to let go of a Grudge

teen siblings boy and girl arguin close up photo

Photo: 123rd

Have you been holding on to a grudge? is it bad for you, and should you let it go?

We're joined in studio by Steven Dromgool a relationship therapist, and Director of Relate Counselling

10:40 Hidden History: New Zealand's First Cheese Factory

View across Hereweka Farm towards Otago Harbour. Once covered in forest, Otago Peninsula is now mostly farmland.

View across Hereweka Farm towards Otago Harbour. Once covered in forest, Otago Peninsula is now mostly farmland. Photo: Alison Ballance

The last episode in a six part series looking at some lesser known events and personalities in New Zealand's history

Presenting the series for us is Thomas Rillstone who creator and host of the award winning History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast.

Today, Thomas looks at the story of New Zealand's First Cheese Factory

If you're interested Thomas' other work - his podcast can be found at


11:05 Gerald Stratford: Big veg and Social Media stardom

Social media star and gardener Gerald Stratford smiles as he holds up a large bunch of carrots inside a green house

Gerald Stratford smiles as he holds up a large bunch of carrots inside a green house Photo: Gerald Stratford

Gerald Stratford is a vegetable grower, author and social media star.

The 74 year old started a twitter account as a way to share his vegetables and now more than three hundred thousand followers later he's a social media phenomena.

He talks to Evie about growing huge vegetables, social media stardom and his philosophy on life.


11:40 Murray Cammick: The Legacy of Larry Morris

Larry Morris

Larry Morris Photo: Grant Gillanders (Frenzy Music Productions)

Larry's Rebels front man Larry Morris died at the age of 75  this week after a career lasting more than 50 years

The had several hit singles in both New Zealand and Australia in the 60s before they disbanded in 1970.

Even after he left the band Morris remained in the music industry and continued to perform live into his seventies.

Music journalist and photographer Murrary Cammick met Morris many times and wrote a feature about him and his impact on New Zealand's music scene for Real Groove magazine in 2001.



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