18 May 2019

Nothing but the truth? 'Running from COPS'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 18 May 2019
Running from COPS logo

Running from COPS logo Photo: Supplied

COPS is the longest running reality show in TV history. The format's simple. Cameras follow police officers on the beat as they catch and arrest baddies and suspected criminals.

Thirty seasons in there's now more than 1000 episodes, a new half hour show comes out every week, and repeats play everywhere TV is watched.

But is the 'reality' this pioneering show presents a true, fair and accurate picture?

Well not so much, according to Dan Taberski and his Headlong team. They follow the wildly popular 'Missing Richard Simmons' and last year's 'Surviving Y2K'  with the final part of the Headlong trilogy called 'Running From COPS'.

We play some of episode 1 'The One-Celled Amoeba' from 'Running from COPS', hosted by Dan Taberski and produced by Henry Molofsky.