27 Apr 2019

Inspiring figures: 'Great Lives'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:15 pm on 27 April 2019
Great Lives logo

Great Lives logo Photo: Supplied/BBC

Who in your life has inspired you to do what you do? A parent, teacher, friend....maybe even someone famous?

'Great Lives' is a biographical show from the BBC where notable guests choose somebody who's inspired them, and tell host Matthew Parris why.It's been going since 2001, and is now onto it's 48th series, so it's already got hundreds and hundreds of 'great lives' to choose from!

In our featured episode the comedian and TV star Matt Lucas is joined by Freddie Mercury's biographer Lesley-Anne Jones, to explain why the late Queen frontman has been such a source of inspiration.

Great Lives is presented by Matthew Parris and produced by Miles Warde for BBC Radio 4.