16 Mar 2019

Paris podcast: Paname

From The Podcast Hour, 12:45 pm on 16 March 2019
Paname Logo (Supplied)

Paname Logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Colleague Kim recommended Paname, a podcast she's enjoying.

All about Paris, it uncovers the city's hidden histories, exploring all kinds of strange and interesting stuff about the French capital, and the people who have lived there.

And it's a show with a strong sense of place- you'll often hear the traffic rumbling away in the background...birdsong...mopeds- it makes you want to visit!

The show's made by Amber Minogue who's from England but who's lived in Paris for the past 18 years. She works there as an English teacher, tour guide, comedian, actor and mother- but her real passion is podcasting...she listens to heaps of them while she's out walking or running, and- (pro tip!) they can make doing the vacuuming or washing up way more fun too!

We play some of Episode 7 of Paname called La Guillotine.

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