2 Feb 2019

'Ladies, We Need To Talk': is it OK to settle for average?

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 2 February 2019
Ladies We Need To Talk logo (Supplied)

Ladies We Need To Talk logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

'Ladies, We Need To Talk' is a podcast from the ABC in Australia that tackles potentially delicate topics head on. It's funny with a sensitive side, and includes some great personal stories.

And although it's described as 'for women, by women', that didn't stop me from enjoying it either!

Recent episodes have covered mean girls, menopause, cosmetic surgery, and anxiety. We play one that confronts a tricky question. We've probably all got ideas about what a great relationship should look like. But when the reality doesn't measure up to the expectations, when the passionate soul mate of your dreams doesn't quite materialise, host Yumi Stynes asks if it's ever OK to settle for average in a relationship.

[Credits: 'Ladies, We Need to Talk' from The Australian Broadcasting Corporation 'Settling For Average' hosted by Yumi Stynes, produced by Cassandra Steeth and Olivia Willis, the supervising producer is Madeleine Genner, sound engineering by Tim Jenkins, and the Executive Producer is Laura McAuliffe.]