1 Dec 2018

Human/Ordinary: In The Neighbourhood

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 1 December 2018
Human/Ordinary logo (Supplied)

Human/Ordinary logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied/Sam Loy

You don't need lots of fancy gear, or a cold case, or ads for mattresses, or heaps of sound design wizardry to make a great podcast.

Sometimes you can just walk around the place you live with recording gear and a sense of curiosity, capturing stories as you go. From Human/Ordinary, Sam Loy shares tales from his Melbourne suburb in "In The Neighbourhood".

Sam started Human/Ordinary a few years ago, after his first child was born, to give himself a bit of a creative outlet. Since then he's assembled 19 stories covering an eclectic mix of topics from meat eating to wrestling, from Elvis to Aussie Rules.

'In The Neighbourhood' from Human/Ordinary is produced and presented by Sam Loy and is a member of the Planet Broadcasting Network.