1 Dec 2018

Listening to the city: To The Best of Our Knowledge

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 1 December 2018
To The Best of Our Knowledge (Supplied)

To The Best of Our Knowledge (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

To The Best Of Our Knowledge (or TTBOOK as it's known to its friends) started life as a radio show back in 1990 on Wisconsin Public Radio.

28 years later and it's still going strong on nearly 200 US radio stations, and of course now you can podcast it all too!

Husband and wife team Anne Strainchamps and Steve Paulson do most of the interviewing, with Anne taking the lead role as host. And the format's perhaps best described as 'variations on a theme'. Each episode takes a big idea and explores it with a range of different interviews. Recent topics have included the search for meaningful work, automation, and forgiveness.

We play a couple of clips from a recent episode called 'Listening To The City': Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick produce a podcast called 'Out of the Blocks' in Baltimore, and there's an interesting chat about sound and prejudice (or the 'sonic colour line') with sound historian Jennifer Stoever.

City block

City block Photo: (Photo by Raphael Koh on Unsplash)